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With a lot of love and craftsmanship, LiL Jewelery forges the jewelery you have been dreaming of for years. In consultation, a design is made and forged by hand, so that it completely matches your wishes and needs. Because every design is unique, there will only be one copy of each jewel and nothing will be copied.

Lilian de Leeuw

The owner and professional is Lilian de Leeuw. Lilian is a real perfectionist and finds her challenge in finding the best combinations. She looks for the relationship between materials, for example gold or stone, emotional value and the person who wears it.

Lilian obtained her goldsmith diploma in 2008 at the vocational school for gold and silversmiths in Schoonhoven. Subsequently, she followed the DGI Gemology course, with which she specialized in the origin, value and properties of gemstones and diamonds.

During and after her education, Lilian worked for a goldsmith. Here she gained extensive work experience as a goldsmith and enjoyed the personal contact with customers. In her spare time, Lilian worked on her own jewelry collection which she sold at various art markets and fairs. In 2014 she started her own studio where she works with great love and pleasure on her own collection and assignments from customers.



Inherited jewelry often has a lot of emotional value. These are not always pieces that match your personality in style and often disappear in a drawer. LiL Jewelery thinks this is a sin and likes to make something out of it that suits you and that you will enjoy wearing. Typical engravings, stones or other elements can be used in the design, so that the emotional value is preserved.

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