Lil Jewellery

Fun fashion jewellery from Singapore

“Real style is never right or wrong.....’s about being true to yourself

The Idea

Lil Jewellery was established in Singapore in 2012 and is known for hand-made fun fashion jewellery at affordable prices.

Creative designer and owner Sarah Worsley is originally from New Zealand where there is a fantastic fusion between old and new, tradition and change.  Falling in love with Lil Jewellery’s pieces, she is carrying on the Lil Jewellery ethos of providing colourful fun fashion jewellery for everyday women.    

Our Style

Our story is about colour.  Lil Jewellery aims to provide pieces which are modern and easy to wear.     

We all lead busy lives and Lil Jewellery understands that women need jewellery that help us change our look on a daily basis. Lil Jewellery provides on-trend pieces to fit every part of a woman’s life. From statement pieces which attract attention, to traditional pieces for a more subtle look.

Our jewellery has a contemporary twist on a modern classic combined with colour and fun.

100% Handmade

Lil Jewellery designs pieces that are on trend using popular colours, modern styles and a range of products. And we also ensure that our pieces are hand-made to the highest standards. 

Most of our pieces are hand-made by a small number of artisan families in Bali, Indonesia.

We have been working with these families for a number of years, and appreciate their quality craftsmanship. We care about these families and are honoured to help them contribute to their communities.

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Our Colours

Black, navy, mushroom, champagne and anything bright like hot pink and orange are our most popular colours. While not all colour combinations are available online we do have many other colours available.

If you are would like a piece of jewellery in a particular colour please email us if you would like a colour combination that you cannot find online.

Our Designs

Our necklaces, bracelets and earring styles are frequently updated due to changes in styles and seasons.

And we understand that everyone has favourite pieces of jewellery. If you’d like another piece of jewellery similar to what you already have but can’t find it online, please email us as we sometimes have older stock available.

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Lil Jewellery is modern and easy to wear, with on-trend pieces to fit every part of a woman’s life.  Lil Jewellery has a contemporary twist on modern classics, combined with colour and lots of fun!